Sustainable entrepreneurs across the globe are at the heart of creating a healthy planet. If you are looking for hope in the face of climate change, you have come to the right place.

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Welcome to the Heart of Waraba: A Global Community That Promotes Sustainable Entrepreneurs

The Heart of Waraba is an online community committed to sharing the stories of sustainable entrepreneurs from around the globe. We offer inspiration, hope, and connection with one bold mission….to fiercely support sustainable entrepreneurs in their efforts to create great companies and a healthy planet.

Each month, the Heart of Waraba recounts the stories of amazing sustainable entrepreneurs through our blog and podcast.  We are a nonprofit and all Waraba services are free.  We hope that you join the pride by signing up for our newsletter.

Waraba means lion in the African language of Bambara, and we believe the lion is the perfect symbol because it takes courage to be an entrepreneur.

We invite you to be inspired by the stories of sustainable entrepreneurs from across the globe.

We Have Fierce Pride in Sustainable Entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs around the world know that the generosity and guidance of others was an important factor in growing their companies. The Heart of Waraba is an entirely free service. Our measure of success is that we help entrepreneurs on their journey of creating great companies and improving the health of their communities and our planet.

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